Needs Black Olives? Huh?

Quick Tortilla Pizza

Spread some salsa on large flour tortillas. Sprinkle black beans and thawed corn. Sprinkle some shredded colby jack over top and bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. We made some guacamole and dropped a few dollops on each slice. Dinner in less than 15 minutes! And veggie kid approved.

I took one bite and said, “needs black olives!” The mostly vegetarian husband almost fell out of his chair. He knows that there are few things I don’t like…..and olives are at the top (they resemble fish eyes if you ask me). He thought it needed peppers. The kids will pick off peppers if they can see them (but eat them when hidden). I didn’t want to argue or waste peppers, so I caved before whining could begin. Add peppers and black olives and it would probably make for a better tortilla pizza.


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