Vegan Protein Powder

I have been really busy with sick little people and obscene amounts of laundry. I have also spent a large amount of time on the couch cuddling the little people who have not felt well in almost a month. The oldest one (we are now calling the Ebola monkey) continues to bring home wicked nasty germs to share. First it was a cold, then the cough, then vomit. I think the vomit (mostly projectile) was my personal favorite.
The littlest mostly vegetarians in the family are finally on the mend. That means that I can get back to work on this blog (and cooking). We have greatly diminished our freezer stockpile now. I have been unable to plan, shop, or cook for quite some time now. I think everyone is tired of lentil soup and chili.
On a side note, I have spent a lot of time on my iPhone. It seems to be my only link to the outside world. I decided to download a free app to keep track of my food intake. It also summarizes your daily nutrition. I found several things interesting. My sodium intake is far lower than the USDA recommended amount (probably due to the minimal amount of processed foods). I also appear to ingest the recommended amount of protein on a vegetarian diet. My vitamin intakes are off the charts without taking any supplements at all.
So according to the USDA, I am eating healthier than their recommendations (both calories and nutrition) on a vegetarian diet. I had a theory that I was getting the “right” amount of nutrients and didn’t need a vitamin supplement. I guess I was right. I might need an occasional protein boost on my heavier workout days. That is what lead me to SunWarrier. They even sent me a free sample to try before I purchased any.
I blended my packet with a frozen banana and some unsweetened almond milk. Very tasty. Not too gritty. It blended well. It has 15 grams of protein in one serving. I think I will have to pick some up!


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