On My Mind

I am not sure where to start today’s blog. There are so many things on my mind, both family and food related. Both kind of sicken me. I have tried my hand at a few new dishes to our household lately. I am busy dodging germs so I do not have any photos to post to make you read on. Nor do I have any real recipes to follow. Today, I am going to vent! I might sneak in a tofu tip at the end. So here we go.

Family: I received a call from the oldest mostly veg child’s school today. He projectile vomited on his teacher and her desk. I drove like a crazed mom to pick him up. I arrived to find my baby sitting in the school office with a dried vomit goatee and some on his shirt. He was parked in front of a garbage can. There was no vomit in the can, so clearly, nobody offered him a tissue to wipe his face. Puke and inconsiderate adults. Hmmmmm.

Food: I have to comment on the whole Paula Deen’s big announcement on having type 2 diabetes. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that particular form of diabetes managed with diet and exercise? She is a women who has capitalized on her high fat and high calorie cooking. Why doesn’t she see this as an even bigger opportunity to expand into healthy cooking? Her “people” should contact T. Colin Campbell’s “people” and get on the bandwagon! She could prove to the world how switching to a vegan (or mostly vegetarian diet) could make vast improvements on her health, or even reverse her diagnosis.

Now that you have allowed me to vent, let me share a tid-bit of information with you. When I first started working with tofu, I found that it needed to be “pressed” before use. Another tip ,that most recipes or cookbooks share, is to freeze the tofu prior to pressing it. That’s right! Drain it, freeze, thaw, then press. Then marinade.

If you have children, this concept is brilliant for trying to make anything resembling a ‘cheesestick’ or ‘chicken nugget’. They will try it. I marinaded the tofu in vegetable broth, soy sauce, and poultry seasoning. Then I just pressed each piece into a whole grain bread crumb/ whole wheat flour mixture and baked. Placed onto a sprayed cookie sheet. Sprayed the tofu lightly. Baked for 15 minutes on each side at 400 degrees. Dunk in the dip of your choice and viola! Happy kids! Until the next day when they puke on their teacher……..but not due to the tofu, the stomach flu is “going around”.




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