Kitchen Gadgets

I have several favorite kitchen gadgets, but I am particularly fond of my George Foreman grill. Weird coming from a vegetarian huh? Even weirder; I have no idea how I acquired it! I use it to make quesedillas (which is a great way to sneak in veggies that the kids usually pick out). But today, I used it to make grilled tomato and avocado on whole grain bread.

I find that my favorite kitchen gadgets are also the biggest time savers. I use my rice maker for rice, barley, and quinoa. It saves time and space on my stove. I also use my blender a lot. I like to make pancakes or waffles in the blender and pour it onto the griddle or waffle iron. I also use my food processor several times a week. I use it to shred carrots, make seitan dough, puree oats for a higher protein flour, or whirl up some humus.

In the meantime, I am going to try my hand at a vegetarian lentil Shepard’s pie. I will take some photos and post the recipe tomorrow (if it turns out okay).

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?????



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