Nothing to Eat?

Do you ever find yourself standing in front of the fridge, the doors wide open, and saying, “we have nothing to eat!” I have done it often. I have watched my husband do it. I have witnessed the kids starting to do it. They tend to turn to me in horror (as if I am trying to starve him). My solution? VEGGIE BAGS! They are so convenient and better than most alternatives (chips, microwave popcorn, candy, and especially pizza rolls). They are easy to assemble. They are inexpensive and healthy. Pair a bag of some fresh-cut veggies and some homemade humus and you have a perfect snack!

I cut up a head of broccoli, 6 or 7 carrots, some celery stalks, a green and a sweet pepper and individually bag them for a ‘grab and go’ snack. They also made for a quick, in-a-pinch, dinner when I added a few whole grain crackers and a glass of wine.


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