It has been a year and I believe that vegetables have become a lifestyle. Anyone who is vegetarian or vegan gets the question, “what do you eat?” As if vegetables aren’t food???? There are so many misconceptions about the veg lifestyle. I feel like I have become a free-lance teacher on behalf of vegetables. It comes up almost daily. I usually get quizzed at the grocery check out. The cashiers seem to be fascinated by the items in my cart. My husband just received the most recent questioning at the dentist. The hygienist grilled him with the usual:

Here are the most common misconceptions that we are asked:

1. What do you eat?

I might have missed something, but vegetables are food right?

2. Where do you get your protein?

This is where I tend to step onto my little imaginary soap box and offer a bit of education. Animals are not the only place that you can find protein. Beans, lentils, nuts, plants, and several grains all offer protein also. This is where my husband likes to bring up seitan. He LOVES seitan! As a former meat and potatoes guy, he loves to proclaim that seitan has the same amount of protein as a beef filet (ounce per ounce). It is far cheaper (if homemade) than any meat at the grocery store.

3. It is so expensive

Not if you plan accordingly. I could list all the cost comparisons of a pound of beans compared to a pound of chicken, but you don’t want to hear that. I highly suggest purchasing dried lentils, beans, grains, and rice in bulk. I also suggest cooking a huge pot of beans and freezing them. I place my beans in freezer bags and take out what I need. Its faster and cheaper than thawing a chicken breast or pork chops any day!

4. Do your kids eat what you do?

This is usually followed by, “my kids won’t eat vegetables.” ?????????? This is my favorite question. My kids would starve if they didn’t eat vegetables! They prefer beans to meat! This is one of the reasons why we moved toward a vegetarian lifestyle. They never liked the texture of meat. They would chew on meat like gum until we made them spit it out. It was a waste. I started giving them beans to ensure they had enough protein. Of course if given the option, our kids would pick pizza over black beans, but they don’t plan the meals, pay for groceries, cook, or clean up. When they are old enough to do all those things, I hope we have already provided them with a healthy education and they can make their own decisions.


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