Prepping for post Christmas Detox

As I emerged from a mostly restful night, I must have been anticipating a weekend full of excess. My brain was already prepping me for “detox” next week. I must be expecting to chow down on un-Godly amounts of Christmas cookies, candy, and more than a glass of wine (or 4). I was two sips into my morning cup of coffee when I found myself on the website of a holistic nutritionist, Meghan Telpner. I found her post ( The recipe sounds amazing, but equally as interesting, her blog: I am not sure that I will be purchasing any of her books just yet, but I am always interested on incorporating more veggies to my family’s diet.

Before I log off for a few days, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday weekend. Merry Christmas! Go easy on the cookies and cocktails! Be safe!

Talk to you next week. I will be back to report on our first meat free Christmas. Let you know who was naughty or nice, who complained about the addition to tofu in the spinach dip, and who ended up face down in the snow (let’s hope it’s not me and my 4 glasses of wine!).

Take care and cheers!


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