Snacks on the go

We are fours days into a two-week long Christmas vacation and already had a conference call with Santa this morning. (It is a great app! Get it to threaten your children with). Santa announced that the mostly vegetarian children were on the naughty list and should do everything in their power to attempt to improve their standings A.S.A.P. The children proceeded to accompany me to a doctor’s appointment with no upsets.

The doctor came in to examine me and was blown away with the well-behaved children sitting and eating their carrots sticks quietly. When my doctor commented on how good they were being, I proceeded to tell him about our conference call with Santa. My doctor was less impressed with their behavior than he was excited to see them noshing on carrots sticks. You would have thought that he had never seen children eating carrots.

Snacks need to be convenient, healthy, and cheap in our household. Pre-cut veggies, especially carrots are a staple. They are easy to prepare and keep the kids quietly munching during my doctor’s appointment. It is very hard for the mostly vegetarian kids to get into things or fight amongst themselves when they are filling their faces with carrot sticks. It’s a win-win!

What kid friendly snacks are a staple in your house? What is your favorite on the go snack?


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