Just eat your breakfast!

At first I thought the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ was a cute idea. I also thought it might be helpful in keeping the boys in line before the holiday. What I didn’t realize is how stressful it would become. Stressful enough for me to wake up at night wondering if the silly thing had been moved by my husband. Then, of course, I have to wake him to ask. Now we are both up. I decided to stop being a psycho about the elf and just let the mostly vegetarian husband handle it. That went well for a while, til last night. He forgot. AND, so did I. Two horrible parents + one annoying little plastic elf = heartbroken 5 year who just woke up.

But, we still have to get him ready for school and get the littlest veg up shortly. Life must go on. So, I told him that the elf was sick and decided to stay in the same spot to save his energy. He thought about it for a minute and I could see that he wasn’t exactly buying it. I had to distract him fast! Food! “He buddy, what do you want for breakfast? Granola?” Whew! I think we dodged the tears this morning, but it was close. We will have to make it up to the sick little elf. Maybe leave him an M & M or something? In the meantime, check out the granola:

I usually make a large batch and add dried cranberries after it cools a bit. It lasts a couple of weeks when stored in an air tight container. It’s a good distraction too!


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