Miles of gingerbread men

I have to confess I don’t bake, nor do I enjoy it at all. In fact, I hate it. There is almost no room for error in baking. If I forget a step, or need to add in an ingredient at the end, it is usually ruined. So, when called upon by a frantic kindergarten teacher to help with craft day, I caved. I caved and then panicked after finding out that my assignment was to make “as many gingerbread men as possible.” I have to bake and do cut outs? Recipe for disaster!

Or not. I successfully knocked out over 30 cookies (24 kids in the class, 2 teachers, the little brother, and I= 29, with one just in case). I stumbled across the recipe while trying to find fun Christmas crafts to do with the kids. I am sorry to admit, but they taste better than my Grandma’s (sorry) and were so easy to make. I love that they can be rolled in between 2 sheets of wax paper. Chill the rolled dough, cut out, and peel off. Just remember to keep the dough cold. I rotated mine out of the freezer and it worked even better. No flour all over the counter or me!

Here is the link to the recipe:

They turned out fantastic and the kids were so sugared up while decorating that they wouldn’t have noticed if I forgot something or no. I might try a little healthier version with whole wheat pastry flour next time. What is your favorite cookie this time of year?


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