Night off!

The mostly vegetarian husband graciously offered me an evening off and cooked for the family. He is a wonderful cook, but tends to think that he is on the Food Network at times. He loves to measure out all the ingredients and put them in small bowls. Then he “dumps” as he goes. He tends to use every cutting board, knife, and mixing bowl also. I know that I shouldn’t kick a gift horse. I do complain if I end up cleaning up as well. But did I mention, it is ALWAYS a fantastic meal. Note to self: get a cute apron for the husband to cook in more often.

Here is his veggie creation:

How can I possibly complain about the amount of dishes when I get to sit down to this? Broccoli, fresh baby spinach, red peppers, asparagus, sweet onion, baby bella mushrooms; cooked in fresh garlic and olive oil (I think he stuck in some real butter) and tossed with whole wheat orzo pasta.  The kids loved it too! The oldest mostly vegetarian boy said that he “loved the red noodles”. Who am I to correct him and tell him that they are the same red peppers that he fought me on trying last week?


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