I consider myself a fairly organized person. I planned all of this week’s meals on Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning, I had my grocery list prepared and completed a week’s worth of shopping without forgetting anything. Last night, I started to make an Indian inspired dish revolving around kidney beans and califlower. I thought that I was so equipped that I was even going to double the recipe to freeze the other half. As I was setting out all of my ingredients, I realized that I had run myself out of kidney beans!

Fortunately for me, I stockpiled enough chickpeas to last us another 6 months! I was able to substitute chickpeas for the kidney beans and it still turned out great!

After dinner, I pulled out a few cups of dried kidney beans and threw them in a stock pot covered with water. I let them sit over night and cooked them up this morning. After they finished cooking (about 1 1/2 hours), I drained them and spread them out onto a cookie sheet. I put them in the freezer for 15 minutes and then scooped them into a ziplock bag- to go back into the freezer. I am now prepared for the next time that I have a recipe calling for kidney beans. It may not be as easy as opening a can, but there is no BPA in my beans!


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