Better than take-out

Wow! Better than take-out and no MSG! This recipe is not one of the healthiest; with brown sugar and canned pineapple (in juice not syrup), but pretty yummy.

I would definitely make this again, but probably add red peppers, pea pods, and some thinly sliced carrots. I found the recipe on the website: all Here is the link:

I used my own homemade seitan and served over brown rice. I think tofu could just as easily be used as a substitute for the seitan. This one is a keeper for when you are craving take out sweet and sour.  It was quick too! The recipe serves 4, but I doubled the amount of seitan and peppers. There was still quite a bit of sauce. It was also far cheaper than take out. It works out to be less than $2.00 per serving (when using homemade seitan). Now I just have to work on a fast spring roll recipe for the next time I make this!


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